Factor-i is a company based in the Trégor region, in Lannion.

We offer support and advice solutions for your computer hardware needs, via our Factor-i.fr online shopping site, in our Lannion workshop and even at home.

Our team is made up of tech-savvy people. From our respective backgrounds, and years of experience as technicians and salespeople in the IT and multimedia industry, it emerged that we wanted to offer our own vision of IT.

We all have between 5 and 15 years of experience in this field, which some of our clients often admit to us as complex, boring and even sometimes stressful.

We believe that computing can be popularized and is not inevitable! We know all too well that a user should be able to count on the help and advice of an expert in this area.

Today with Factor-i we want to show you a different approach to computing that is not a punishment stuffed with undrinkable technical terms.

The Factor-i Team